Cover of Trippy Butter

Trippy Butter

Beat Bang Theory LLC.

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Jazz Rap, Horrorcore



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Beat Bang Theory LLC.

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Beat Bang Theory LLC. is a Brookly based full service music production/mixing&mastering/ music tech eduction company.

Cover of Come Together

Come Together
Cover of HypKnows

Cover of  All Alone

All Alone
Cover of Mind Luv

Mind Luv
Cover of REV ASIA

Cover of The Lay Over

The Lay Over
Cover of Be Honest

Be Honest
Cover of Fly Together

Fly Together
Cover of Little Heart Of Mine

Little Heart Of Mine
Cover of Shadow Heart

Shadow Heart
Cover of The Walk

The Walk
Cover of Sprawling

Cover of Dusk Tune

Dusk Tune
Cover of Eer day Eer day

Eer day Eer day
Cover of Make Me Feel

Make Me Feel
Cover of Say Love

Say Love
Cover of Ah Then

Ah Then
Cover of Time In Machine

Time In Machine
Cover of Sri Pradaz

Sri Pradaz
Cover of In Bound

In Bound
Cover of A Bit Stir Crazy

A Bit Stir Crazy
Cover of 1,2 Phunk

1,2 Phunk
Cover of Crepes Drip

Crepes Drip
Cover of Trail Walk

Trail Walk

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Trippy Butter

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