Cover of Cold Rain Drops

Cold Rain Drops

Brentin Davis

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Jazz Rap, Alternative Hip-Hop, Comedy Hip-Hop



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sza, toosii, rod wave



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Brentin Davis

About the Creator

Brentin Davis a music producer based in USA who has been writing in numerous genres including Hip Hop, Rap, Soul, and Lo-Fi for over five years with more than 1500 tracks to his credit so far in his career. He loves to create different-sounding music...

Cover of Detroit To Flint

Detroit To Flint
Cover of Twin Flames

Twin Flames
Cover of Do This Full Time

Do This Full Time
Cover of Fresh To Go

Fresh To Go
Cover of Code To Peace

Code To Peace
Cover of The Latest Drip Trap

The Latest Drip Trap
Cover of The Predator

The Predator
Cover of Gettin Yo Mind Right

Gettin Yo Mind Right
Cover of Clean Out The Mudd

Clean Out The Mudd
Cover of Aliens Eat Crack

Aliens Eat Crack
Cover of Cutty Buddies

Cutty Buddies
Cover of I Need Dem Bucks

I Need Dem Bucks
Cover of Dunk Over You

Dunk Over You
Cover of Epic Winter Day

Epic Winter Day
Cover of Coloring Process

Coloring Process
Cover of Drippin Money Habits

Drippin Money Habits
Cover of My Chain Bigger

My Chain Bigger
Cover of Dream Of Gifts

Dream Of Gifts
Cover of Crime In A Box

Crime In A Box
Cover of Cold Rain Drops

Cold Rain Drops
Cover of Diamond Face

Diamond Face
Cover of She Like My Slap

She Like My Slap
Cover of Double Life

Double Life

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